Time Tested Migraine Relief Still a Viable Option in Vancouver, WA

Studies have shown massage therapy to have a high success rate in migraine prevention and migraine relief. It is believed that there is a direct relationship between stress and migraines. With our Migraine Relief sessions, your body will be better equipped to deal with stresses, helping to reduce the rate of migraines and associated pain. We’ll perform a full posture assessment and create a personalized migraine treatment plan when you come in. If you believe you may be suffering from migraines there are some common symptoms associated with this disorder.

Common Migraine Symptoms can include:


  • Flickering lines or spots in your vision

  • Pounding, pulsating, throbbing pain

  • Irritability, excitement, or depression

  • Lasts between 4 and 72 hours

  • Intense pain around sides of forehead

  • Visual disturbances

  • Loss of appetite

  • Moving, noise, and light cause an increase in pain

  • Vertigo, light headed or dizziness

  • Vomiting and nausea


Some symptoms like mental fogginess, neck pain, and sleepiness can persist even after the migraine fades. Though there is not a definitive cause of migraines, we will work to help you identify personal triggers. For many migraine sufferers specific habits can increase the likelihood of a migraine. Triggers include day to day postures, bright lights, specific odors, specific foods, caffeine, specific medications and more. Keeping a migraine diary is an effective way to identify triggers over time.

Whether you’re looking for headache relief or severe migraine relief Jes at Vancouver Mind Body Balance can help. She takes a multi-tiered approach that looks at your overall body posture and therapies you are currently using. Massage therapy can prove very beneficial for migraine sufferers and works complimentary with many types of therapies you may already be using. 

Jessica is trained in a variety of methods that can provide effective migraine relief. She uses a variety of techniques that have been shown to reduce the occurrence of migraines as well as symptoms and sleep disturbances. It has also been shown to increase serotonin levels, providing natural migraine relief.

When you’re looking for safe, effective, and natural migraine relief in Vancouver, WA call (360) 254-0994 or Schedule Online to start your journey to lasting migraine relief today!

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