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If you are looking for specialized pain relief then you are in the right place!



Ease Your Pain and Leave Feeling Relaxed... At Boise Massage & Wellness every session is different from the last. You get a personalized & exceptional experience with the most advanced, therapeutic bodywork. Reduce your pain, improve your mindset, movement, function and get back to enjoying your life!


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I keep clients out of pain and help speed up recovery by using natural ways to heal the mind and body. Combining massage, hypnosis and yoga clients get a complete mind body balance transformation.

Each session is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that we create together. This ensures it is specific to you based on your needs and goals.

All sessions include additional time to get on and off the table so you are never rushed and basic upgrade services are ALWAYS included. You will never be charged for hot towels, aromatherapy or cupping... If you need it, you get it!


So come in, relax, de-stress and unwind in a warm, professional and friendly atmosphere; while receiving a premium quality, intuitive massage that is highly effective on sore and tight muscles.

Chose between a Signature Massage, Ashiatsu Massage, Guided Relaxation & Mindset* session or Medical Massage.  Each one offers something different based on your needs. For the ultimate experience I recommend scheduling a combination of massage mindset and movement. It's the best way to get the Mind.Body.Balance you have been looking for!


Rates are based on the length of session. Your first session is an assessment session to get to know your concerns and needs. This is where we discuss your goals, self care and further recommendations.

Each session afterwards includes a pre and post mini consultation to assess how you are doing from your last session and to switch things up a bit if need. Sessions also include complimentary upgrades such as hot towels, cupping and aromatherapy. Some people are sensitive to scents so you must let me know before we start your session if you want aromatherapy. ​ Rates are discounted for payment at time of service. Tips or gratuity is not necessary or accepted, so the price you see is the price you pay. 

30 min...$75 | 45 min...$95 |  60 min...$125 | 75 min...$155 | 90 min...$175 | 2  hour...$200

Programs and Packages also available. We can discuss this more after your first session.

Forms of payment acepted: Cash, Major Credit Cards, HSA/FSA Benefit Cards and some insurance accepted.

Insurance is billed at $140 an hour.

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How Can I Help You...



Natural Relief for Headaches and Migraine


Ideal session for those with headaches, migraines, TMJ, Neck Pain/Strain and whiplash. 


Often the physical culprit is a muscular imbalance brought on by an injury, stress, poor posture, or too much time sitting.


By incorporating specific advanced massage therapy techniques of both eastern and western paradigms, flexibility stretching, and home care to help decrease the causes of most pain patterns.

Wear Loose Comfortable clothing or Exercise type clothes (Tank Top, Sports Bra, Shorts, Yoga Wear, etc.) for this session.




Calm the Body to

Calm the Mind


This session is a mixture of yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing, and relaxation exercises. It is not about fitness but more about balancing ones emotional health and well-being through awareness.


Available in person or online​. 



Taking deep pressure to the next level!


Perfect massage to assist in athletic recovery and for those who love deep firm pressure massage. 


The word ashiatsu literally translates to "foot pressure" (ashi = foot, atsu = pressure). Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique where the therapist uses their feet instead of their hands, arms and elbows to perform the massage. 


By utilizing the feet we utilize gravity and are able to provide deep compression, long gliding strokes, assisted stretches (ROM) in order to elongate the tissues. It is also a favorite of many athletes who need more pressure in order to effectively work through denser connective tissue and muscle mass.


Relaxation of the Subconscious Mind


Ideal for those who want to create change on a deeper level. Improve Habits, Sleep, Performance, Confidence and Overall Health and Wellness.

Hypnosis is the induction of a deeply relaxed state where we calm the  By using guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness.


Available in person or online​. 

Great to add to any massage session*.

Desiree R.

Jessica has changed my life!
Her migraine treatment is beyond what I expected. Can't live without her!



Jessica (Jes) King, LMT | CHT | YT | CACS

Hi! I'm Jes, Licensed Massage, Hypnosis, Yoga therapist, Certified Auto Collision Specialist and owner of Boise Therapeutics (formerly Avani Massage) where I have specialized in head and neck pain relief since 2005.


I know from experience what it's like to live with chronic headaches, severe migraines and neck pain and how much it impacts daily life. This is why I focus on the root of your pain rather than treating symptoms. 


If you are in pain and suffering from headaches, migraines, whiplash, stress, anxiety, trauma, injury, grief or you are just ready to live a more pain-free life... I AM HERE TO MAKE YOUR JOURNEY A LITTLE EASIER!

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